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On 01, Aug 2015 | In | By admin


This is the music I made for the game called Transplan. It is calming music that fits well to a puzzle game.

Get the game on STEAM IOS or Android.

Buy the soundtrack HERE.

On 07, Feb 2015 | In | By admin


Music I made for the game “Unium”. I tried to make minimalistic music that would calm the player and let him concentrate better on the puzzles of the game.

Get the game for IOS: or android:

Get the soundtrack:

On 30, Dec 2014 | In | By admin


After 3 years, I’ve finally finished my first album. I tried to create organic music whilst mainly using synths. I used polyrythm, a lot of different synths (and synthesis techniques), guitar, digital acoustic instruments, etc.

If you like the album, you can buy it after its release on oktober 29th HERE for 5 euros or more. Happy listening!

On 01, Dec 2014 | In | By admin

Organic trip

This is a short film I made music for as a school assignment. I tried to accentuate the transitions between different shots in the first few minutes of the song. After that I focussed more on the general emotion of the shots.

This is not the original version of Organic Trip.