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Programming Projects

Remnant is a special project. All the music and sounds you hear in this movie are procedurally generated. I’ve written software that generates music and implemented it in the game “Remnant”. One of the few reasons I invested my time in investigating Procedural audio, is the fact that it can potentially solve problems in more standard game music. Like responisveness and repetition. Another fun thing I could do because the music and sound design are procedural is: making the sound design in tune with the music. By using procedural techniques, I am able to make new and interesting implementations of audio in games, but also in other media.

Download the Paper here

To train for the C# developer traineeship I’m going to do. I challenged myself to make a minesweeper app, similar to the standard windows application. I did add one extra function: the solve function. When this is clicked, the app is going to try to solve the puzzle step by step, similar to how a human would do it.

Download the Visual Studio Project Here

Sudoku Solver
Another project I did, to learn C# a bit; a sudoku solver. It works by searching for the empty locations in the input (the input is a text file with numbers) and after that it goes into a very recursive function. The function checks for the first possible number in an empty space and then calls itself (the same function) on the next empty space. When at a given time there’s no solution, the function goes back to the previous recursion steps and looks if there’s different solutions.

Download the project here

Subtitle Rhyme Searcher
The most recent project I’ve done to learn C# is a subtitle rhyme searcher. It’s an app that searches for rhyming sentences in movies. I made this for a friend who makes mashup videos. This will help him to find rhyming sentences much more easily.

Download the project here