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Mathijs Wiermans is a composer working for manglemoose, a music and sound design company for media. His works come in a variety of genres: Ambient, experimental, electronic, casual and orchestral. He’s really interested in music for adaptive systems, for instance for games. Besides composing music, he likes to listen to music, play (indie) video games and program software for musical intensions.

Through history
Mathijs was at a very young age, when he first came in touch with music. And because he lived in a very musical family it was quite obvious Mathijs started to play an instrument soon too. At the age of 7 he started to take piano lessons and about 1 year later French horn lessons. Soon he played in local orchestral bands and gained a lot of experience with interplaying and performing. Dreaming about composing music was something he did quite often and at the age of 11 he started to make simple compositions with MIDI sounds.

When he was a little older, around 14 years, his musical taste started to change. While he in the past got a lot of satisfaction in classical and thematic music, he now was more interested in “new” and electric sounds. Electronic music became more important for him by the day. He composed a lot of music in a big diversity of genres and styles. He played in a couple of bands to increase his experience. After graduation from college he started to study “composition and music technology” at the Utrecht school of arts.

He is always in search of interesting projects, so feel free to contact him on the

Here is his Résumé